Chad Elliott's 70SS


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Chad Elliott and his dad, Darrell, have been working on Chad's vehicle on weekends, and indicate they have more to do, but wanted to share the progress with the club.

The 1970 Chevelle is mounted on a 1952 Dodge Weapon's Carrier, with one-ton suspension.
The Chevelle is powered by a 1971 Dodge 383 automatic transmission and has power steering.
This aforementioned vehicle is being constructed to live a life in arena mud runs. When completed, Chad's mother indicated the Chevelle will have a nice, bright yellow paint job. Chad - good luck to you on the remainder of your restoration job.

In case you missed it, Chad's Chevelle was the April newsletter cover car.

A little background;

Chad's mom and pop, Darrell & Kay Elliott have been MACC club charter members since the very first meeting we had in 1987 so we have all known him and his little sister since they were babies

You might remember Chad from the Midwest Chevelle Regional Show - 2001, he was one of our kids who put in many hours working their butts off at the registration tables
(which, by the way, we all really appreciated Chad ! )

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